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Be the Red in a Sea of Green

Be the Red in a Sea of Green.

  The other day I was taking a walk with my kids when we noticed this tree that had one red leaf surrounded by green.  At that moment I felt a bit philosophical and started comparing this tree to people in the real world. My kids, of course, were like “Ohhhhh here we go again”, but humored me by listening. Thought I would share the gist of what I told them b/c I believe it holds true for all people. 


The red leaf was far from perfect. It was weathered, had a rip in it, and was less polished than the green leaves that encompassed it.  

Being red is not being perfect, but being real. 

Being red is to stand out amongst the green.

Being red is to be kind when others are not.

Being red is to embrace your weirdness and not hide it.

Being red is not conforming to what society wants, but staying true to yourself.

Being red means taking risks, even if you might fail.

Being red is to help others without thinking “what’s in this for me”.

Being red is to love yourself and your neighbors. We are all in this one life together, spread love, not hate. 

Be red friends, be red.

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