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Halloween: A tale of 2 little witches & their zombie!

                                            Halloween: A Tale of 2 Little Witches & Their Zombie!       Once upon a time on the outskirts of Storyville….2 little sister witches sought shelter in an old abandoned house. The house […]

Natural Light Photography

In photography if there was a crown-  Light would wear it and be Queen of the town! It shines down wherever you go, And it makes it possible to take a great photo! It doesn’t matter what type of photographer you are- Without light none of us would get very far! There are many different […]

Exposure Triangle

Let me break it down for you real quick- It doesn’t matter if you use Canon, Nikon, or Sony to click. What you really need to know is how it works, shooting in manual mode is one of the perks! Newer photographers might think it’s scary, But I promise you it’s not, just call me […]

Real Men Wear Babies & Diaper Bags

   With Father’s Day approaching soon, I took my husband and a few of his dad friends out for a fun photoshoot. Y’all these are the top notch dads that are so involved in every aspect of their children’s lives! These dads are baby wearing, diaper bag holding, butt changing, boo-boo fixing, make-up wearing, child […]

Home Depot With Dad

   The Home Depot is like a magical paradise for my 2 year old son! When we walk in his eyes light up and you would think we were at Disney World!  He takes his job as ‘Daddy’s Big Helper’ very serious and loves helping him pick out the perfect tool or supply! I knew […]

Pregnant Pizza Party

   Pregnancy can be so different for each expecting mama, but one thing that unites us all is food. Speaking first hand as a mom who’s uterus was an incubator 3 times, FOOD IS LIFE!     So that brings us here. To this photoshoot. The stars aligned and God was smiling down on me because […]

The Perfect Man

  Alright ladies… lets get real here for a second. Target is pretty much the end zone of our lives, right? We walk in, grab our Starbucks (which is all too conveniently placed right by the entrance) and then strut the aisles as if it were our own personal run way. If we pass another […]

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