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Exposure Triangle

Let me break it down for you real quick-
It doesn’t matter if you use Canon, Nikon, or Sony to click.
What you really need to know is how it works,
shooting in manual mode is one of the perks!
Newer photographers might think it’s scary,
But I promise you it’s not, just call me your camera fairy!
ISO, Shutter Speed, & Aperture you say?
It’s your exposure triangle & were about to learn that today!
Aperture controls the amount of light that comes in,
You like that dreamy bokeh? That’s where this begins!
You will want a large aperture- so make sure your f stop is low,
Keep your subject away from the background & give it a go!
Multiple subjects at the same time?
Keep them on the same plane & you will be fine!
A shallow depth of field was just created,
& I don’t know about you but it makes me elated!
You want the background to be more in focus?
Just increase your f stop- I swear its not hocus pocus!

Blurry photos or crystal clear?
We rely on light & the shutter speed here!
You want to freeze movement into a single frame?
Crank your shutter speed up & focus your aim!
Make sure your speed is set to your lens focal length or higher-
I prefer 3x the length, but it’s whatever you desire!

Aperture & shutter speed work together to determine the exposure-
They capture the physical light & couldn’t be any cozier!
After that light is captured and A & SS are set,
they tag team their buddy ISO so it doesn’t get upset!
Check your light meter on the back of the camera and see where the arrow is at-
The middle zero is your target goal in this combat!
So bump your ISO up or down to get as close to it as you can-
It will brighten up or darken your photo as part of the plan!
But just a forewarning if you bump it up too high-
Your image could acquire grain that will likely make you cry!

These 3 are the best of friends and work together as a crew,
if you change the number of 1, you will likely have to change the other 2.

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