Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020: A tale of 2 little witches & their zombie!

     Once upon a time on the outskirts of Storyville….2 little sister witches sought shelter in an old abandoned house. The house was tucked wayyyyyy back in the woods at the end of a long, dark, winding road. As legend would have it they normally keep to themselves….. EXCEPT 1 night a year. 

Can you guess which night??? 

     HALLOWEEN!!!!!! Halloween is the perfect time to come out & play. After all, they could easily be mistaken as a human DRESSED UP as a witch! Muhahahahaha!!! They like to sneak outside their house at Candy O’clock & lure an unexpected trick-or-treater up to their house by singing hypnotizing songs about candy…

        “Candy is so yummy….

It feels so good in my tummy…

Do ba do- do ba do 

Chocolate is so sweet…

It is really the best treat…

Do ba do- do ba do …”

     As their lyrics floated through the air, they grabbed the attention of a little trick-or-treater named Weston. He was dressed as Spyder Man & had a bucket to fill with delicious treats….

     As he approached the house, the little witches who were hidden off to the side JUMPED out & hand cuff him. As Weston stood there awaiting his new destiny- he couldn’t help but think “WOW, did I ever choose the wrong house to get treats from.” 

     Just as the thought crossed his mind the little witches threw him into their cauldron &  started chanting a spell!

Hocus Pocus

With midnight focus-


Eye of nut & tail of rat-

Transform this boy

Into our play toy.

Flightless bird

Let it be heard. 


Once a boy- now a ZOMBIE!

     All at once Weston felt a tingle in his body & with a poof of purple smoke he was now a zombie! 

     BEING A ZOMBIE IS COOL Weston screamed!  Now on to some zombie fun!!!

     Weston now lives Creepily Everafter with the little witches, Savannah & Kendalyn. If you ever drive down a long, dark, winding road & you come to an old, abandon house- keep your eyes peeled. You may catch the 3 out on Halloween- dancing & celebrating as they await an unexpected trick-or-treater to add to their family. Muhahahahhahaha!!! 




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