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Natural Light Photography

In photography if there was a crown- 

Light would wear it and be Queen of the town!

It shines down wherever you go,

And it makes it possible to take a great photo!

It doesn’t matter what type of photographer you are-

Without light none of us would get very far!

There are many different types of light that you can use-

But natural light is our focus here since it is my muse!

The light that the sun provides can differ from day to day-

So keep an eye on the weather forecast & it can help in a big way!

It can change by the hour or right down to the minute-

But if you watch it closely you can surely win it!

But first things first so here we go-

Golden hour makes for an AMAZING photo!

You are able to capture it 2 times a day,

If the skies are clear and the clouds are at bay!

The sunrise is good for an hour after the sun wakes up-

You will have a golden glow in your photos & coffee in your cup!

The second time is about an hour before sunset-

Just before the sun kisses the Earth b/c its so happy they met!

Golden hour timing can vary from scene to scene-

Mountains & tree tops will bow down earlier before the queen.

Open fields & oceans stay awake a little later-

Just thought you should know b/c there is nothing greater!

If you show up a little early, or stay a little late-

You will be shooting in the twilight hour while you create.

You like rim light? Yeah, me too!

I love the glow it creates as the sun shines through!

To achieve this look your subject must be backlit-

It can be a little confusing at first- but trust me it’s legit! 

Place the sun behind your subject & filter the light through the trees-

You will get a nice outline of light on the hair & body, even if there is a breeze!

You want a little haze and perhaps a sun flare? 

Step out from behind the trees & let your lens fill with sun glare.

The best time to create this look is during golden hour-

See what I mean, this light is the ultimate photography power!

Stepping forward to the worst time to shoot-

If you are out in the open, I would compare this light to the suns ‘toot’.

What time is it you ask? It is definitly midday-

The shadows are harsh & get in the way.

But if you must shoot & the sun is high,

Seek open shade-want to know why?

Your subject will be protected from the direct light-

There will be no shadows, but the sun is still in site.

Face your subject towards the open sky-

The lighting will be even & there will be a sparkle in their eye!

All of these rules that we normally apply-

Can take a backseat if there are clouds in the sky!

Overcast days produce diffused light- 

You can shoot out in the open all day without a shadow in sight!

Days get darker a little bit early,

& there is no golden hour so please don’t worry!

If the sky is REALLY dark on these types of days-

The lighting will be flat and I would delay.

If you are feeling fancy & want to add more light-

Head on over to Photoshop to cure that appetite!

Overlays are amazing and can enhance the sun or add flare,

but capture the light first, this only adds to the glare!

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