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Real Men Wear Babies & Diaper Bags

   With Father’s Day approaching soon, I took my husband and a few of his dad friends out for a fun photoshoot. Y’all these are the top notch dads that are so involved in every aspect of their children’s lives! These dads are baby wearing, diaper bag holding, butt changing, boo-boo fixing, make-up wearing, child feeding, REAL men.

    I think that a lot of the times dads can be so under estimated when it comes to the importance they have in their children’s life…But fact-of-the-matter is they have SUCH a huge impact on these little souls! They help their young sons develop into honest, respectful, hard working, kind men, and are their daughters first love. They show theirs sons how to treat a women, and their daughters how a real man should treat them.  Their value, wisdom, and gentle hearts should be celebrated more! 

   And lets be honest….Dad friends help with survival. Especially when moms are out being free birds for the day! #DadHard

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