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Pregnant Pizza Party

   Pregnancy can be so different for each expecting mama, but one thing that unites us all is food. Speaking first hand as a mom who’s uterus was an incubator 3 times, FOOD IS LIFE! 

   So that brings us here. To this photoshoot. The stars aligned and God was smiling down on me because 3 of my friends were pregnant at the same time! How could I not take advantage of this incredible situation and have some fun!?

   BOOM. Just like that, the pregnant pizza party idea was born and brought to life (pun intended)! They became pregnant super hero’s fighting over and devouring Little Caesar’s HOT-N-READY pizzas! They chugged Hershey’s chocolate syrup straight from the bottle without a second thought! They EVEN…dare I say it? Topped their pizza’s with the Hershey’s syrup, making a combination that made their tastebuds jump right off their tongue!

                                                     Truly every pregnant woman’s dream.

                                                     FRIENDS. PIZZA. CHOCOLATE.

   Their tummies were full by the end and so was my heart! <3 <3 <3 

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